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xcritical reviews

When I telephone to ask why I am told that the remainder is on hold. They can’t tell me why it is on hold or who authorised the hold. They just put me on hold for ten minutes or so and then cut me off. xcritical is the worst in the business.They are only in business because VRBO/HA force the advertisers on their site to use them. xcritical does no due diligence to prevent the fraudulent use of credit cards.

xcritical reviews

Our easy-to-use REST APIs can be efficiently customized to meet your company’s individual needs, regardless of the vertical or industry. No matter your industry, xcritical’s flexible platform can future-proof your payments and expand your customer base. xcritical have without notice decided to withhold my guests’ payments for up to 12 months rather than pay within 5-7 working days.

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I had better luck when I emailed and asked specifically about the Emerald Isle. Overall, I’m giving xcritical above average marks for transparency. I hope they continue to improve their online materials by consolidating key information into easily identified and accessed pages. You let us know that you wish to cancel your service on the 1st of July. We will then charge you $19.95 per month until the end of December and close out your account. Employees at Elavon earn an average of $72,648 per year, and the employees at Online Resources earn an average salary of $69,248 per year.

They are also simply pleased that their renters now have the ability to pay with a card. Neither xcritical.com nor the other subsidiary sites have a testimonial section. Most positive feedback around the internet directed specifically toward xcritical comes from employees. Whether at the BBB or at other sites such as Pissed Consumeror Google Reviews, we see both renters and owners getting in on the complaint action. The most common renter complaints are about poor customer service, confusion or dissatisfaction about processing fees, and difficulty handling any out-of-the-ordinary situation. Fortunately, hardly anyone complained that they had trouble just paying rent normally.

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It is very clear that they are deliberately holding funds for their own use. Well, we’d never recommend that merchants disengage their brains when choosing a merchant account provider. From what I gather, it’s a common misconception that if you list your xcritical reviews property at HomeAway/VBRO and you want to take card payments, you’re stuck with xcritical as your account provider. RentPayment.com has collected several testimonials from property managerswho are happy with the customer service they’ve received.

Beware! Avoid at all Costs. They will Hold your Money and Absolutely Unprofessional Staff,

We did a brief Google search and it proves our suspicion. Many other owners/hosts went through the same process of being cheated by fraudulent chargebacks. The loss is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, or even in one case $15,000 on a luxury vacation property.

This is money my guests have paid to stay in my property – it is not xcritical’s to hold on to and make interest from! Having spoken to Trish in Yapsone’s Customer Relations Team, and now have some insight into why xcritical has made this change. They say they are “charging for a service that previously received for free”. So what services will they start charging for next? How can I trust xcritical not to start turning the screw even tighter? Has xcritical ever thought that the way to retain clients might be to offer a better service, not a worse one?

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We integrate with the top payment gateways and offer Online payments,… With our previous credit card processor, the batches rarely matched the output from our software, which made monthly reconciliations a nightmare. We literally had to go in at the individual transaction level to reconstruct https://dreamlinetrading.com/ batches. We don’t have that problem anymore and reconciliations are much easier and take maybe a quarter of the time. Transactions are accurate, date is readily available, statements aren’t confusing. There are two things that kept me from feeling like I could give a 5-star review.

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Please help us protect Glassdoor by verifying that you’re a real person. If you continue to see this message, please emailto let us know you’re having trouble. The vendors that appear on this list were chosen by subject matter experts on the basis of product quality, wide usage and availability, and positive reputation. Want all your POS hardware and software in one place? Check out Clover for simple, easy-to-use small business point of sale solutions. Before we move on to positive comments, I’ll mention that xcritical’s reached a $4.9 million settlement with VBRO users in a data breach lawsuitin early 2017.

Now I am being told to cancel without penalty I have one day and one day only to request that cancellation. Exactly 180 days before the end of the contract and then I still have to pay the service fee for 6 months. This company needs to be investigated for theft and fraud.

xcritical reviews

It is not clear if of the remaining complaints apply to business owners using xcritical instead of tenants paying. xcritical doesn’t provide many details about equipment. As the company focuses heavily on rental payments, many xcritical customers accept payment online or in-person using a virtual terminal and therefore don’t need point-of-sale equipment. Online and virtual terminal payments require a computer with internet access to use.

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Companies that have profiles but not accreditation have not necessarily sought out accreditation, so it isn’t an automatic indication that the BBB advises against the company. Help us to improve by providing some feedback on your experience today. PaymentCloud is one of our top picks for merchant accounts. There’s a difference between safeguarding against chargebacks, providing chargeback support, and holding ultimate responsibility for the result of a dispute. Throwing a marketplace like HomeAway into the middle adds a layer of complexity. In any case, there is some unhappiness with the level of support provided by xcritical in this area.

  • I still have not received the reset but xcritical sent this survey request.
  • You can access the most advanced payment solutions from one company worldwide, eliminating the need to have multiple payment options….
  • xcritical recently instituted a change that completely disrupts customers business models with absolutely zero notice.
  • All property owners big and small should seriously consider looking for an alternative service provider, unless xcritical rethinks its policies.
  • Could you please email us at with your contact details and a member of our team will reach out.

In 2003, xcritical acquired RentPayment.com, Inc., the “original online rent payment service.” The RentPayment.com website still exists and is “powered” by xcritical. In contrast to most other merchant account providers that cast a wide net for all types of businesses, xcritical focused on developing very specific vertical market expertise. They are a global leader in all things property rental, processing payments for multifamily residences, vacation homes, storage units, and home owners associations. They even handle payments for large marketplaces of vacation rentals, most notably HomeAway/VRBO.

This flat-rate pricing definitely keeps it simple, and I agree with xcritical that it’s generally better than tiered pricing. Depending on your transaction volume, however, you may pay less overall with a competitive interchange-plus pricing plan. At the very least, you’ll be able to tell the difference between what you’re paying in interchange fees versus your merchant account provider’s margin on a card-by-card basis. By nature, flat-rate plans must build in enough profit margin for all types of cards and transactions, even those with a very low interchange rate. It’s time to provide simple, secure solutions that improve customer experience and increase your business.

xcritical may be able to support some types of in-person swiper devices if you prefer to use that type of equipment. All methods benefit from security technologies, including encryption, to help reduce the chances of fraud. The people at xcritical / Rent Me use every excuse they can invent to hold payout funds as long as they possibly can.

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We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. Rapidly launch, scale up and monetize payments. We can help you solve complex payment problems so your business can quickly scale, launch and monetize payments.

xcritical’s platform architecture is built upon hundreds of microservices that are layered. Our REST APIs are easy to customize to suit your company’s specific needs, regardless of industry or vertical. xcritical’s flexible platform is flexible xcritical reviews enough to support your future-proofing payments and expand your customer base, regardless of your industry. Leverage xcritical’s entire payments platform, or plug into the features that fit your business requirements to amplify your growth.

It also lets you know that it takes effect on September 1st, 2021 and your continued use of the service on or after this date constitutes your agreement. I can see you were processing payments successfully in 2021 and the last payment taken was on the 4th of March 2023. I wish to cancel my service on the first available date. Please let me know where to send this request to terminate my contract. I would also like to know the address of your corporate office as I will be filing a formal complaint with the consumer finance department and BBB.